Mini Pump for Mountain Bike

Best Mini Pump for Mountain Bike in 2022

Imagine this scenario: you’re in the middle of a rural area and you either got a flat tire or you noticed that it is low on air, which makes your riding experience gritty and uncomfortable, causing you to exert even more effort and your bike tires to wear out easily.  Now, you might wonder: how … Read more

How to Measure a Bike Tire

How to Measure a Bike Tire for a cycling computer

The tires are the most important part of the bike since you can’t get anywhere without them. Speedometers and cycling computers are often used by frequent bikers to give them an idea of how far they’ve traveled by bike – as well as other important bike stats. So, how will the gadget accurately measure your … Read more

Read Bike Tire Size

How to Read Bike Tire Size

Knowing how to read bike tires is important because, in one way or another, you will need to replace your bike tires sooner – especially if you use the bike regularly. However, with the many different sizing standards out there – how exactly do you read bike tire sizes? If you are confused about all … Read more

Electric Bike Pump

5 Best Electric Bike Pump in 2022

Did you ever experience having to worry about a flat tire on your bike and you’re already too exhausted to pump air onto it? That’s where an electric bike pump comes in handy. Unlike the manual way of pumping your bike some air, this type of gadget uses a battery to fill up your tires. … Read more

Pump a Bike Tire

6 Easy Steps to Pump a Bike Tire

Pumping a bike tire properly is very important because it will help you stay safe on the road. An improperly inflated bike tire will lead to potential accidents and/or difficulty on your journey – regardless of where you take the bicycle with you. That’s why you need to know how to pump your bike tire. … Read more

Lenny's Surf Shop

Bike Rental in St Petersburg FL

Are you looking for awesome bike rentals in St. Petersburg, Fl? We’ve got some suggestions for you for your next summer vacation. Whether it’s a beach that you are heading to or just a cruise along with the towns and whatnot, there’s a bike rental that will suit your needs. Don’t worry – we’ll help … Read more

Budget Dropper Post

8 Best Budget Dropper Posts [Reviews – 2022]

What is a dropper post on a mountain bike? The dropper post is a mechanical setup that allows you to adjust the seat post height of your bike quickly and without having to get off the bike. Usually, dropper posts are controlled similar to a handbrake with a lever that’s installed on your handle. Many … Read more

Mountain Bike Pedals

Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Pedals [2022 – Reviews]

MTB pedals come in different types: flats and clipless. Whichever pedal you choose, most bikers prefer to install their custom pedals to their bike and some even buy the bike without pedals for added personalization, which is the same for bike goes building. Or, if your bike pedals are simply worn out, you may be … Read more

West Palm Beach

6 Shops for Bike Rental in West Palm Beach

If you came here looking for the best bike rentals in West Palm Beach, you came to the right place. Whether it’s a vacation plan along with the scenic view or if you simply need a bike to get from point A to point B, we have just the right bike rentals just for you … Read more