How to Measure a Bike Tire

How to Measure a Bike Tire for a cycling computer

The tires are the most important part of the bike since you can’t get anywhere without them. Speedometers and cycling computers are often used by frequent bikers to give them an idea of how far they’ve traveled by bike – as well as other important bike stats. So, how will the gadget accurately measure your … Read more

Read Bike Tire Size

How to Read Bike Tire Size

Knowing how to read bike tires is important because, in one way or another, you will need to replace your bike tires sooner – especially if you use the bike regularly. However, with the many different sizing standards out there – how exactly do you read bike tire sizes? If you are confused about all … Read more


The Ultimate Guide to Beater Bikes

What is a beater bike? Also called a pub bike, beater bikes are a great safety measure and go-to bicycle once you head out in the streets of an unknown and potentially unsafe town or city. Because most people own a main bike that’s typically pricey and have sentimental value, beater bikes became popular. If … Read more