New York Bike Rental

All Ages | Up to One Month Rental!

From $17

Alexandria Bike rental

Alexandria Bike Rental

All Ages | Up to One Month Rental!

From $16

San Francisco Bike Rental

San Francisco Rental

All Ages | Up to One Month Rental!

From $16

Wasington DC Bike Rental

Wasington DC Rental

All Ages | Up to One Month Rental!

From $16


Red Bike

Best Shops in Cincinnati for Bike Rentals

Are you looking for bike shops and rentals in Cincinnati, OH? If you’re around the area, you might want to check out the following bike rentals that we’ve rounded up below. This will give you an insight as to which bike rental is suited for your needs. Not everyone has a bike or they may … Read more

Pedego Electric Bikes - Atlanta

Best Shops in Atlanta for Bike Rentals

Are you looking for Atlanta bike rentals and shops? We’ve got some suggestions for you – a list of bike rentals around the area that you might be interested in. Whether it’s a daily commute or a stay-in vacation, there’s a bike shop and rental service that’s just for you. Check out the different bike … Read more

Check the centering

How to Adjust Center Pull Brakes

Center-pull brakes are commonly found in vintage road bikes. Typically, most bike enthusiasts want to restore such vintage bikes and make them applicable for riding, in which they have to deal with adjusting the center-pull brakes. With that said, the stopping power of the center-pull brake might turn some people off as compared to modern … Read more

Adjust Linear pull & V Brakes

How To Adjust Linear pull & V Brakes

Over time, any bike brake will need to be an adjustment to ensure brake efficiency, power, and the safety of the rider. The linear-pull, also known as the v-brake type, is no exception to that. There are various reasons as to why your brakes need to be an adjustment, such as the following: The brakes … Read more

Cantilever Brakes

How to Adjust Cantilever Brakes

If you have a pricey bike that’s meant for touring, chances are, they’ll have a cantilever bike. Many people aren’t very keen on fixing their cantilever bikes due to the unique mechanism that sets them apart from regular rim brakes. With that said, like all kinds of brakes, they also need to be adjusted when … Read more