How to Choose Hybrid Bike Size

How to Choose Hybrid Bike Size: Hybrid Bike Chart & Guide

Hybrid bike size chart by height Choosing the right hybrid bike size can be difficult if you don’t know which user height is suitable for which bike frame size. Therefore, we’ve written a simple chart below to help you determine which hybrid bike size suits you best for your next cycling journey: Rider height 4’ … Read more

Wheel Fun Rentals

Long Beach Bike Rental

Are you looking for a bike rental service while around Long Beach, CA? Worry not – we’ve handpicked some great spots and shops to check out for all your summer touring needs: Daniel’s Bicycle Rentals-Sales The first bike rental service on our list is the Daniel’s Bicycle Rentals-Sales, which opens from 10 AM to 4:30 … Read more

full face MTB helmet

Best Full Face MTB Helmet [2022 – Reviews]

There will be times when a full-face MTB (mountain bike) helmet is needed depending on the terrain and the type of bike you’re riding. Full-face helmets have their benefits when it comes to overall safety while not compromising comfort. While it’s true that you have more breathability with half-shell helmets, when there are tricky sections … Read more

Mountain Bike 500

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike under $500

An MTB (mountain bike) is a special kind of bike that’s more suitable for climbing hills and difficult terrains, such as rocky roads, dirt, snow, and all kinds of non-pavement grounds. If you plan to go on an adventure on a bike, an MTB is your best bet for areas that aren’t concrete or smooth … Read more


5 Best Bike Rental in Anchorage

Are you heading to Anchorage for the weekend or vacation? Bike rental services are quite popular here – whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just want to have fun. If you are looking for great bike rentals at Anchorage, you’ve come to the right place – we’re featuring some worthy places for you to get … Read more

Jeffers Beach Rentals

Best 5 Bike Rental in Manhattan Beach

Whether you’re here for a vacation or weekend getaway or if you’re new to Manhattan Beach and need to stay for a while due to work, meeting a friend, visiting family members, or any other reason, you’ll need a bike for going around the area. If you’re heading out to Manhattan Beach and would like … Read more