The Ultimate Guide to Beater Bikes

What is a beater bike? Also called a pub bike, beater bikes are a great safety measure and go-to bicycle once you head out in the streets of an unknown and potentially unsafe town or city. Because most people own a main bike that’s typically pricey and have sentimental value, beater bikes became popular. If … Read more

Best Places to Rent a Bike in Minneapolis

10 Best Places to Rent a Bike in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, a highly-populated city in Minnesota, is highly sought-after for being bike-friendly. They have over 118 miles of bikeways, of which 92 are off-street, they’re a well-renowned place for bike enthusiasts who want to rent their bike if they can’t afford one. So, if you’re spending some time in this bike-friendly city, you might want … Read more

What To Do With Your Old Bikes

What To Do With Your Old Bikes

Although bicycles can save the Earth from global warming by reducing carbon emissions, there’s still the problem of broken and unusable bicycles that linger in most dumpsites and vacant lots. These unfortunately abandoned bicycles could still have a purpose – and we’ll cover them in this article. A bike can still have so much purpose … Read more