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Truth-to-tell, there’s a lot of good media outlets in the bicycle space. Glossy picture books, of-the-moment race-focused websites, artsy homages to the culture and lifestyle, and even places for the kids to trade barbs over the latest pink-anodized whatever.

And while they all have their place, when it comes to actually influencing a buying decision, research tells us people are more open to marketing messages when they’re actually considering their next purchase.

On SkyBikeWPB that’s what happens everyday— people come to our sites to do research and get informed about their next bike, their next component, their next piece of kit and their next adventure. It’s the place for marketers to get prospective customers not just in quantity—which we have in spades—but quality as well.

If you’re checking results of the latest world cup, for example, you probably don’t care about a new handlebar ad. If, on the other hand, you’re reading handlebar reviews, an ad for one is more likely to pique your interest. Between our pro reviews, user reviews and forum conversations we have more people looking to buy what you have to sell than anyone. And it’s that mix of expert authority and democratic majority that truly sets our sites apart, and makes SkyBikeWPB a must-check resource for millions of riders.