What Size Bike Do I Need For My Height?: Bike Size Chart

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What Size Bike Do I Need For My HeightAnyone who is riding a bicycle for the first time, or learning how to ride it, needs to find a bike that’s just the right height for them. So, you might be wondering: what size of bike do I need for my height?

Fortunately, we are bike enthusiasts so we wrote this article to help you out. You’ll find out below which bike type and height are just right for your needs. After all, there are many kinds of bikes out there – from BMX to cruiser, triathlon, dirt bikes, trek, hybrid, road bikes, and so forth.

Choosing your bike starts with the right height. You need to be comfortable and safe in your bike so it should be tailored to your height and weight, as well as physical ability and practical usage.

How To Measure A Bike

So, how exactly do you measure a bike?

First of all, bike measurements that are often required when purchasing your own bicycle include the height of the person and inside leg or the inseam.

First, measure your height while standing up against a wall, with your back straight, and with no shoes on. Use a tape measure either by yourself or with someone’s help.

Next, measure your inside leg or inseam by standing with your feet apart and no shoes. Measure from the groin to the ground and record the distance. The importance of the inseam is for the standover height or the distance from the ground to the bike frame. There should be an inch of clearance between your inside leg and the bike’s top tube.

Bikes in the market are often measured from the seat up to the crank axle (where you place your feet to paddle the bike). However, for children’s bikes, they are often measured by their wheel size, such as 12-inch bikes.

Road Bike Sizes

When it comes to road bikes, you’ll find models that are measured in centimeters for the frame size. Choosing a road bike requires a great amount of effort to ensure accuracy. That’s because road bikes need to be comfortable yet easy to steer. A road bike will require you to sit most of the time so you’ll have to be in a comfortable position.

With that said, here are common frame sizes and their recommended rider height and inside leg measurements:

Ideal frame size47 to 48 cm49 to 51 cm51 to 52 cm52 to 53 cm53 to 54 cm54 to 56 cm56 to 58 cm58 to 60 cm60 to 62 cm62 cm and above
User height4’10” to 5’5’ to 5’2”5’2” to 5’4”5’4” to 5’6”5’6” to 5’8”5’8” to 5’10”5’10” to 6’6’ to 6’2”6’2” to 6’4”6’4” and above
Inside leg (inches)24 to 2625 to 2626 to 2928 to 3029 to 3130 to 3231 to 3332 to 3433 to 3534 and above


Mountain Bike Sizing

Typically, when compared with a road bike, a mountain bike usually has a smaller frame size and is often measured in inches. Mountain bikes usually don’t require the inside height due to the lower standover height and an upright cycling position.

Here are the most common frame sizes and the ideal rider height:

Ideal frame size13 inches14 inches15 inches16 inches17 inches17 to 18 inches18 to 19 inches19 to 20 inches21 to 22 inches23 inches and above
User height4’10” to 5’5’ to 5’2”5’2” to 5’4”5’4” to 5’6”5’6” to 5’8”5’8” to 5’10”5’10” to 6’6’ to 6’2”6’2” to 6’4”6’4” and above


BMX Bike Sizes

In measuring a BMX bike, only the rider height and the top tube are needed when choosing. Here are some of the most common top tube sizes with their corresponding recommended user height:

Ideal top tube length12 to 15 inches15 to 18 1/2 inches17 to 18 1/2 inches18 1/2 to 19 1/2 inches19 1/2 to 20 1/2 inches20 1/2 inches and above
User height4’ and below4’ to 4’6”4’4” to 4’10”4’8” to 5’4”5’4” to 5’10”5’10” and above


Cruiser Bike Sizes

Also known as a beach bike or beach cruiser, these bikes are ideal for city travel due to their low speed. They are also ideal for light usage. The most common cruiser bike sizes can be found in this chart:

Rider height2’10” to 3’8”3’2” to 4’4”4’ to 5’4”5’ to 6’4”6’ and above
Ideal frame size8 to 10 inches12 inches15 inches15 to 21 inchesExtended frame
Ideal wheel size16 inches20 inches24 inches26 inches


Triathlon Bike Size

Triathlon bicycles are specially designed because they’re meant for sporting events. In a triathlon bike, the inside leg, frame size, and top tube length are what you need to look for. Here are some of the most common sizes for both genders:

Ideal frame size (cm)48 to 5050 to 5252 to 5454 to 5656 to 5858 to 6060 to 62
Inside leg (inches)26.5 to 2827.5 to 2928.5 to 3029.5 to 3130.5 to 3231.5 to 3332.5 to 34
Top tube length (cm)48.5 to 5050 to 51.551.5 to 53.553.5 to 55.555.5 to 5757 to 5858 to 59


Trek Bike Size

Also known as a trekking bike, it is a kind of hybrid bicycle that’s often used for off-road travel. It has a straight handlebar and requires the rider to be in an upright position. Common trek bike sizes include the following:

Trek Bike SizeInseam (inches)Rider height (inches)
XS25.2 to 28.74’5” to 5’1”
S28.3 to 29.95’ to 5’3”
M29.9 to 31.95’3” to 5’7”
M/L31.5 to 33.15’6” to 5’10”
L32.7 to 34.65’9” to 6’2”
XL34.3 to 36.26’1” to 6’5”
2XL36.2 to 37.46’4” to 6’7”


Dirt Bike Sizes

A dirt bike is often used in competitions and should have a rugged design since it is technically motor-powered. Dirt bikes are measured not just with lengths and heights but preferably with engine displacement.

First, here’s a chart to help you choose an appropriate dirt bike based on your height:

Rider age or heightSeat height (inches)
3 to 7 years old
5 to 9 years old17 to 26
7 to 10 years old26 to 29
10 to 12 years old29 to 32
5’2”29 to 32
5’4”30 to 34
5’6”34 to 38
5’10”36 to 38
6’ and above37.5 to 38.6


Next, here’s a recommended chart of different engine displacements of dirt bikes:

Rider age or heightEngine displacement
3 to 7 years old50 cc
5 to 9 years old50 cc, 70 cc
7 to 10 years old110 cc
10 to 12 years old110 cc, 125 cc
5’2”125 cc
5’4”140 cc, 150 cc, 250 cc
5’6”125 cc, 150 cc, 250 cc
5’10”250 cc and above
6’ and above450 cc and above


Hybrid Bicycle Size

A hybrid bike is a combination of a mountain and a road bike, which makes the user feel comfortable while also allowing them to stroll around the town or neighborhood properly. If you’re looking for a hybrid bike, here’s a size chart for you:

Hybrid bike size classificationXSSMLXLXXL
Ideal frame size (inches)13 to 1415 to 1617 to 1819 to 2021 to 2223 to 25
Rider height4’10” to 5’1”5’1” to 5’5”5’5” to 5’9”5’9” to 6’6’ to 5’3”6’3” to 6’6”


What Size Bike Frame Do I Need?

The bike frame you should get depends on your height. There are different bike frame sizes out there because there are also different types of bikes. A road bike frame is measured differently (in centimeter) as compared to that of a mountain bike (in inches).

To help you figure out the appropriate frame size depending on your height, here’s a simple chart:

Rider height5’0 to 5’3”5’4” to 5’6”5’7” to 5’9”5’10” to 5’11”6’ to 6’2”6’3” and above
Mountain bike frame (cm)5051 to 5353 to 5455 to 5858 to 5960 to 62
Road bike frame (inches)15 to 1615 to 1616 to 1717 to 1920 to 2120 to 22


What Wheel Size Bike Do I Need?

When choosing bikes for a child, it’s usually measured in wheel size and not the frame. Wheel sizes also vary depending on the bike frame. To help you choose, here are some common kids’ wheel sizes:

Wheel size12 inches16 inches20 inches24 inches
Inseam14 to 20 inches19 to 23 inches22 to 25 inches24 to 28 inches
Ideal age1 to 4 years old3 to 6 years old5 to 8 years old8 to 12 years old