September 12, 2019

SkyBike Welcomes PBAU Students Back to School with Discount Passes

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – As West Palm Beach welcomes students back to school this month, SkyBike strives to keep the city moving and the students and staff healthy. Faculty and students can unlock the annual pass for just $50, and the monthly pass for just $8! Both passes include unlimited 45-minute rides. Perfect for running errands in town, exercise, or transportation to and from the train station.

Eligible for a discounted subscription?

    1. On the Registration page, choose the Partner discounted membership in the subscriptions menu.
    2. Select West Palm Beach PBA Students from the ‘Partner’ drop down menu. Enter your university email address, then click continue.
    3. You will receive an activation email. Click the link provided in the email to verify your account.
    4. Go back into your profile, using the login details provided. Enter the payment information to complete your registration and activate your account.

About P3 Global Management

P3 Global Management (P3GM) owns and operates SkyBike. P3GM is a global smart city development company that provides a gateway for next-generation technology companies to implement their solutions in cooperation with cities. Through public-private partnerships, P3GM integrates best-in-class technologies and solutions across the mobility, energy, telecommunications, and out-of-home media industries.

For more information visit or contact Mary Lynch at [email protected].

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